paul combrink 

This I have written in the 30.448.203th minute of my life and in the 1.055.657.526th minute of our era.

Twelve-thirty in the afternoon of the fourth of March in the year nineteen hundred forty-nine I was born. It is almost for sure that the midwife was not standing with a stopwatch in her hand when she cuts the umbilical cord. Most likely it is not accurately recorded. If it is exactly than it is a matter of luck.

I picture my life when the sun reaches his highest point. I put the image that occurs on my retina. If it is really impossible in that moment I do it a little later. My time and my imperfection are noticed more precise than the midwife did. Today I made a picture at hours. That is 1.827.228.717 seconds later than I am born. I did it in one sixtieth of a second: the 109.633.723.020th part. This way I safe what merged into other images.


I just captured the 1/228.565.996.875th part of my life. hours was the time to hit. I captured what is gone. Acquired by another image. Fortunately I have the evidence of what occurred. I’ve stored it into two external hard disks and translated it into fourteen eras.

Just living my life. Images occur. A day; a minute; a second; a tenth of one second; and the precise moment. It is almost impossible to pronounce. Image beats language.

The image I captured in my 508,164th hour occurred in the 1.466.852.979.839 second of Chinese calendar. 4 days back the Chinese celebrated the beginning of the New Year.

Hrant Dink was born in Malatya 02/10/1403. He was murdered 07.07.1456 inIstanbul. All by the Armenian era. Hrant Dink was murdered on my 21.141th day.

It is necessary to include the Armenian era in my work. Anyhow, I keep in default