Paul Combrink                                   image and time.

An image never stays as it was, regardless. You cannot capture the form. Rutger Cornets de Groot puts it accurately: The artist Combrink gives image a place in time and takes it with time. As a creator, an alchemist, Combrink modifies the image, which is cut up, and over times gets entirely hidden by layers of paint, until only their story remains. Although... If you look very closely, you can sometimes see small remnants of the photo that instigated the piece under all the paint. That's how the image returns through the tactile: not in its display, not in history or in an idea, but in something you can touch: more tangible, more physical than any image, and so far from lost. This means that in the end, Combrink doesn't create conceptual art – and maybe even polemizes against it. All that remains is a symbol that takes a physical shape and re-establishes itself in the world. The image, that appeared lost, returns in a new, tangible form, as tangible as the world that was photographed initially – now no longer as a singular entity, but withdrawn from the chaos and incorporated in a symbolic order – as a picture of the lost image.

photography, painting, spatial, installation, moving images

This website is an online presentation that includes several recent exhibitions. The blog shows primary images, which are taken daily at noon. It's these snapshots that form the base for the daily canvases, daycanvases’ which are all either 50 x 50 cm of 20 x 20 cm in size. They are autonomous pieces, but when multiplied, the daily paintings form new work.

Paul Combrink's work can be found in business and private collections, as well as art lending and rental collections.

If you are interested in the work or presentations of the work, please contact the artist: info@paulcombrink.nl

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paul combrink: Note; I'm writing this in the......................

rutger cornets de groot: A picture of a missing image

ellen fernhout: not a single moment in life that we can have again.

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